Free Throw Lite ( Basketball Game )

4.6 ( 9706 ratings )
スポーツ ゲーム アーケード スポーツ
開発者 Orb Apps

Are you up for a free throw challenge? Try this great new basketball game that you can play solo, against a friend or against the computer!

Free Throw Lite only includes one level of the 3 available in the full version of Free Throw, it also only plays in one mode of the 2 available modes in full version Free Throw.

Game play is very simple, just line up the moving basketball net in your sights and swipe the screen in the direction you want the ball to go in!

Level Available: Pro Level
Mode Available: Against The Clock

Levels and modes available in Full Version of Free Throw:

Kids Level
Street Level
Pro Level

Against The Clock - Start with one minute and time is added for each basket made
In A Row - Shoot for baskets until you miss

Also chose to continue games where left off if shut off while still playing a game

The Full version of Free Throw is also set up with Open Feint to keep track off all high scores for contests and competitions!